JOKER - 11X13 cm - Black frame


Vector artwork of Joaquin Phoenix in the desecrating “Joker” movie.

A mix of melancholy and character, each is developed to manic details and intensity.

Design Joker
Dimensions Lacrima - 11x13 cm
Frame color Black

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The collection of prints in the version “LACRIMA” are the smallest one. Thanks to it's small size (11x13cm) it's perfect to be placed everywhere. Great for being hung on a wall or simply laid on a bookshelf. Gloomy Stroke's frames are hand-made. Each one is processed and hand-painted  to guarantee the uniqueness of the piece of art. Every single Gloomy Stroke product is MADE IN ITALY.

  • Artisanal frame, made in mixed wood material and hand painted.
  • Printed on high resolution 400gr opaque glossy paper.
  • Galvanised notched metal hanger included and already fixed on the frame.
  • A signed certificate of authenticity is included.
  • Any small irregularities in this unique frame are due to the fact that it has been handcrafted and painted and assembled by hand.
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