Art. Details. Emotion.

Get inspired and find your favourite design. Whether it's a wall,a shelf or a desk, you can make it unique. 


13x11 cm

The smallest one. Thanks to it's small size it's perfect to be placed everywhere. Great for being hung on a wall or simply laid on a bookshelf.


18x23 cm

Mini designs are perfect to fit in little rooms since they take up little space. Ideal to create highly customised multi design compositions even on bigger walls. 


48x38 cm

The biggest and most stunning one. Impressive simply hanging on the wall, these designs can be astonishing even if perched on shelves or on any kind of holder. 


Luca Cascone, alias Gloomy Stroke, is an Italian artist born in Varese.  He works as a Graphic designer and he's a digital artist for passion.  He spent his whole life working on visual design and in the vector art world. 

Gloomy Stroke's great care to details is conceived to astonish and arouse emotions through the eyes of the beholder. Details that, in fact, are everything for the artist. 

Gloomy Stroke means "sharp line" and everywhere in his works a sharpened blade is, indeed, piercing the sheet. All in all darkness has its own light. 

Discover the whole creative process